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Introducting to You E-Learning AAPG UGM SC (ELena), a center for free geoscience knowledge.

Short Courses Slide

Tectonics, Structures, and Implication for Petroleum Systems: Cases from Indonesia

Integrated Reservoir Modeling To Optimize The Deliverability In Mature Field

Basic Formation Evaluation of Shale Gas Play

Indonesia Petroleum Bidding, 2nd Round 2011

Petroleum System, Exploration History, and Future Exploration Potential in Indonesia

Indonesia’s Geothermal — Mr. Sayogi

Indonesia’s Geothermal — Mr. Bambang Subandriyo

Regulations, Prospects, and Careers as Geoscientists in Indonesia’s Geothermal Exploration Exploitation – Mr. Herlambang Setyawan

Subsurface Mapping (Petrel Short Course)

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