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AAPG UGM SC Have So Much Interesting Activities, They are :

Course & Workshop

AAPG UGM SC have done so many courses and workshop. The topic varies from basic geological topic (like petrolgy) to expert topic. The course that AAPG UGM SC made have some goals, but the main goal is to bridge petroleum  industry with the geo-science world, so people can know more about it.

Courses and Workshop on 2011 :

  1. Hydrocarbon Prospect in Western Indonesia
  2. Basic for Seismic Interpretation of Northwest Java Basin
  3. Carbonate Reservoir
  4. Carbonate Geology for Oil and Gas Exploitation
  5. Characteristic of Unconventional Shale Gas (with AAPG UPN SC)


Fieldtrip is our outside space activity to visit petroleum industry or geological outcrop. Our fieldtrip program based on the interest among all members. Our fieldtrips are:

  1. Geothermal Fieldtrip, with Geological Engineering Department Gadjah Mada University.
  2. Mahakam Delta Fieldtrip, joined with AAPG UPN SC and sponsored by Chevron and Vico Indonesia


Research in AAPG UGM SC was built on the competition atmosphere, the organization give the fellowship to the team who can make an interesting proposal. The main goal of research program is to faster the spirit of scientific among all GED Student and AAPG UGM SC’s Member.



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