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Alfredo Di Stefano: Being A Student Volunteer on IPA was GREAT! June 23, 2012

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How lucky I am and Thanks Allah for give me this chance ! 

That is the first sentence I shouted when I know that I got chosen as one of the SV (Student Volunteer) on 36thIPA (Indonesia Petroleum Association). I am not saying that I am not hoping this, but rather fear because at first I could say I almost did not send my CV and essay to the IPA committee. This happens because of my super busy routines, so I was only able to send the file on the last day of the deadline time of collection. However, an unexpected call on Wednesday afternoon, just a week before D-day, rang my phone. Then, a conversation on the phone said that I had been selected as one of the SV at the 36th Indonesia Petroleum Association. Wow, it’s amazing.

The trip to Jakarta was started when the day comes. I was forced to leave by planes since morning I have to consult the supervisor of my scientific work. The trip was starting to feel good because this is my first time to go to Jakarta by myself and I began to imagine what could happen along the way from Soekarno-Hatta to Hotel Atlet Century Park. All my questions are answered after I arrived in Jakarta, and the big adventure begins.

Arrived at the Hotel Century Atlet Park, I was greeted by another fellow SV who previously we did not even know one another at all. After that, we went to the JCC (Jakarta Convention Centre) to conduct the inaugural briefing with the TPC (Technical Program Committee). I was amazed because JCC Building was so magnificent. The building which usually used as a concert hall, starting adorned itself quickly because tomorrow on May 23, 2012, it will officially be used as an IPA great event hall.

Briefing to the TPC was started, I began to recognize the figure of a Mr. Agus and Miss Anna who often communicate with me through email. Briefing begins with an introduction, the job description, and the selection and responsibilities of the post to be carried for three days. Here too we are also acquainted with Miss Sri and Mr. Tri from Fugro Jason, then there is Mr. Saiful comes from ETTI, and we met with the chairperson of the TPC named Mr. Stephen M. Scott. There are responsibilities that can be selected, including the poster sessions, paper sessions, memento, TPC room, judge room, and many others. I even volunteered to become the coordinator of TPC room. My job is to condition the overall needs of the post and stand by at the TPC a room if an urgent help needed. Well, I served with my partner who was accompanying me, named Wulan Okta Karunia or familiarly called Tata. He comes from the Geological Engineering, General Sudirman State University.

The first day, I and Tata served at the TPC room immediately. However, there is a new challenge we face in this first day. We were asked to act as front desk at a breakfast event that involves the jurors paper, poster judges, presenters, and the elite leading oil companies in Indonesia and even the world. On this duty, we met with Mr. Rovicky Dwi Putrohari, Andang Bachtiar, Stephen M. Scoot, Awang Harun Satyana, Mohammad Syaiful, Bob Wikan H. Adibrata, and many others. Even a prominent in geological world, during which only I knew from the book Structural Geology, named Robert Hall, was coming at this impressive event. Wow, Great!

The next event continued with the Opening of the 36th Indonesia Petroleum Association. The opening of this event inviting the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mr. Jero Wacik. The event was lively and Indonesia Petroleum Association 36th event officially begins. Then my partner and I returned to the TPC room. In our busy schedules, many great figures go back and forth on this TPC chamber. We also took time to greet, meet, and discuss many things. Here also I met with Mr. Rovicky Dwi Putrohari the IAGI Chairperson (Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia) and Mr. Yosi Hirosiadi who is Chairperson of HAGI (Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia). A fun discussion.

Besides being in the TPC, when there is spare time I also traveled to every corner of this building. Sometimes I was in the room to witness the presentation of professional papers presented from the results of research and study of oil in Indonesia. Obviously a lot of things that I can take from the overall presentation. Then when the time is still late enough, I went upstairs to get around company booths that are deliberately promoting the technology, work, and new discoveries. I gasped and was amazed at the many reputable companies that enliven this event, call it Pertamina, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Total, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Medco, Baker Hughes, and many others. I also visited the booths and ask a lot of things, including the opportunity to take an internship or final project there.

The second day was coming, and we arrived early because we need to prepare breakfast for the participant. Today of course there will be more people involved because the event participant session and poster session papers will start from the morning and ended late this afternoon. In contrast to the newly started yesterday afternoon. My partner and I were in charge more because there are many things that need to be prepared. However, the experience of the first day, we learned quickly, no big problem happened. I still had time to help colleagues and SV.

This second day was no less amazing than the first day yesterday. Today I have more free time to listen to the paper presentations. There is one interesting thing for me. Its a presentation from Mr. Awang Harun Satyana on “Potential Exploration in West Sulawesi.”. Not unexpectedly, a presentation room packed with hundreds participant who wants to follow a direct presentation of Mr. Awang. He truly is amazing. Previously, Mr. Awang has also been providing courses for the AAPG UGM SC in 2011. Thank you Mr. Awang.

And finally the third day came. This fun routine that facing me again. But towards the close of this IPA event, I have free time, about two hours, to get around company booths. I also had a chance to meet with friends from all over Indonesian AAPG and meet with friends from AAPG UGM who have the opportunity to be present in this IPA because they were invited by the HESS and Schlumberger. By late afternoon, it was the official IPA event closing with the announcement of the best paper and poster presentations from professionals and from students. Indeed, this experience was so enjoyable. I hope in the future I can have a more powerful experience. And I will come back again next year on the IPA, but with a capacity of Paper or Poster Presenter. Amen.




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