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AAPG UGM-SC Member Goes to The 36th IPA Conference June 20, 2012

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On Thursday and Friday, May 24-25th, some of AAPG UGM-SC delegation members and formers went to Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) to attend The 36th IPA Conference as invited participants from HESS. IPA Conference is annual conference held by Indonesian Petroleum Organization (IPA). This is an exhibition arena for companies, such as oil and gas companies, service companies, software companies, and other companies that related to oil and gas exploration, exploitation, and production. The companies that enlisted to the conference have a chance to show about their quality, activities, and information at their booth. As visitors, we have a chance to explore much information from the companies, attend the courses, follow the quiz, and also win the prizes.

As delegations who were invited by HESS in 36th IPA conference, our members and formers followed some activities which were scheduled by HESS at their booth. On the first day, AAPG UGM-SC members and formers had a chance to attend the short course about Deep Sea Drilling. The speaker is one of the great men in geosciences in Indonesia, the Chairman of Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia, Mr. Rovicky Dwi Putrohari. After that they were given some information about HESS program for students in Indonesia by Mrs. Ade Tutoroong. Then, the activity was continued by watching the movie about oil and gas exploration and exploitation. They also had a chance to visit and explore the other booths at the conference. Next day, they followed the other course by one of HESS employee about his experience of working abroad. This course was the last activity held by HESS and after that, AAPG UGM-SC members and formers had a free time and then came back to Yogyakarta. That was a great experience for members and formers to attend the 36th IPA Conference. There are so much important information and knowledge from there. Thanks to HESS for the invitation.



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