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Welcome, Richard J. Brito! June 14, 2012

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On 23 May 2012 ago, a dinner was held on Lombok Idjoe, Jl. Solo, Yogyakarta. This dinner was attended by Richard J. Brito (President of AAPG Oklahoma University SC),  Didit Putra Kusuma (Former President of AAPG UGM SC, 2011), members of AAPG UGM & UPN SC. The dinner started at 06.30pm. This event is began with some light chatter.

Richard told us a lot that night, the first impression when we saw him is very appealing, because he is a talkative people. Richard came to Indonesia with the aim to make research for his thesis and he happened to have a partner who also was the former president of UGM SC 2011, Didit Putra Kusuma The study was conducted on the island of Sumatra, and performed for several weeks.

It was so funny when he told about his experience during his stay in Indonesia. One day when he was in Jakarta he intends to go to the
“Taman Anggrek” (en: orchid park). He imagined would go to a place where there are many orchids there. He took a taxi to go there. The trip takes a very long time, because Jakarta is very crowded. By the time he arrived at “Taman Anggrek” which is actually the name of shopping center, he just only met stalls and ice skating, not a garden full of orchids.

Another funny story from him is about his camera that he bought while in America. He intends to bring the camera to be used in Indonesia. Then he showed us the label on the camera. Do you know? The camera was labeled “Made in Indonesia”, and he brought it back to Indonesia.

The dinner ended at 08.30 pm. Before going home, we took some time to take pictures in front of the restaurant.



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