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Fieldtrip and Company Visit: “Geology of Salak Geothermal Prospect” June 14, 2012

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‘Gunung Salak Geothermal Fieldtrip and Company Visit’ is an event that was held by 3 organizations; AAPG UGM-SC, SPE UGM-SC, and HMTG FT UGM. 27 persons have participated in this trip, and the lecturer from Geological Engineering, Mr. Agung Haridjoko. This trip was held from May 24th-25th 2012. In the first day, all participants visited Chevron Geothermal Salak and in the second day, they visited IPA for Schlumberger presentation .
Participants left Geological Engineering Department at 04.00 pm on May 23rd 2012 and arrived in Chevron Geothermal Salak at 09.00 am on May 24th 2012. All participants were welcomed by Mr. Bagja Adi, Mr Gita Fadila , Mr. Djoko Wibowo, Mr. Agus Fitriyanto and the other staffs from Chevron Geothermal Salak at Bowen Hall. And then, they got explanation about safety in Geothermal Field, Chevron’s Profile, Geothermal operations in Salak Field , and about geological conditions in Salak Field. After lunch break, they got a chance to see Geothermal Field in Salak. There were some regulations that must be obeyed by all participants before they can enter Salak Field :
1. All participants must wear safety boots and long sleeves clothes
2. All participants were prohibited to use perfume
3. The vehicles must have safety belt.
Salak Field was located in two counties Sukabumi and Bogor, and also in the middle of Halimun Mountain National Park at elevation 1300-1400 m above sea level . The geothermal energy which is produced here is used to generate electricity that were interconnected to Java and Bali. Most of the electricity which is produced here, was distributed to Bogor and Sukabumi. This field is the largest producer of geothermal energy in Indonesia and sixth largest in the world, it’s generated up to 377 MW. Salak Field has 2 main facilities : “Resource Production Facility” to produce the steam and Power Generation Facility to generate the electricity. The first production of this field was at 1994 and has 95 wells in total. Hydrothermal system in this field is a liquid-dominated system. This liquid in the system was being pumped, but only the vapor from this hot liquid that will be used, the remaining liquid will be reinjected again to ground and after it heated again, the liquid would be pumped again. So it’s like cycle, that’s why people said geothermal energy is renewable energy. When participants trip around this field, they were shown the location of fumaroles, the wells where liquid was pumped and reinjected, and production facilities in this field.
After the trip around Gunung Salak field was finished, all participants left to Jakarta to attend the 36th IPA Convention and Exhibition, May 25th at Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan. They got this occasion as the substitution to visit Schlumberger office as the first plan. So, their presence in 36th IPA Convention and Exhibition is kindly an invitation from Schlumberger. Participants entered the 36th IPA Convention and Exhibition at 08.00 am on May 25th 2012. They participated as EC Participant from Schlumberger. First, they were invited to visit “Empowerment Center” Section. This section exhibited of small local entepreneurs empowered by the industry and presented the industry’s CSR activities, and in Schlumberger both there was displayed the name of the people who received scholarships from Schlumberger, and staffs from Schlumberger shared many tips in “how to get scholarships” , they also watched the process of oil and gas in the PSC concept in Indonesia at “Education Cinema” , and then they were welcomed at Schlumberger’s booth by Mr. Wijaya Candra , and they got the explanation about Schlumberger activities. After that, all participants got “free time” to look around the 36th IPA Convention and Exhibition. And at night they went back to Yogyakarta.



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