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AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition, Long Beach, USA May 24, 2012

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 AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition Main entrance, Long Beach Convention Center.

One of AAPG UGM SC Representatif was successfully presented poster in AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition with kind sponsorship from Chevron. She is Jasmin Jyalita, former AAPG UGM Treasurer and one of the researcher in ECBM research team. This research was first research that conducted by AAPG UGM SC and successfully being the nominae for poster presentation in AAPG ACE.

AAPG ACE is annual event that held every year by American Association of Petroleum Geologists, this event is well-known in the world because it has tremendous award reception for professional and student. It also accommodates hundred of geologists from all around the world to present their newest scientific methods for geology and develop the geological knowledge, for that reason AAPG ACE attended by thousand of geologists around the globe. This year, AAPG ACE was held in Long Beach, California, the city that famous with the ghost ship at world war II, The Queen Mary.

Long Beach at Glance

Jasmin went to ACE with research title “Accelerating Methane Production in Reaction between Methanogen Bacteria and Coal, Pilot Project for Microbial Enhance Coal Bed Methane”. This research focus to utilize methanogen from cow rumen to produce methane when reacted with coal.

Peter D. Warwick, Ph.D from USGS  ,as one of the author that his paper referenced in the poster came and saw the presentation, he said that the utilization of cow rumen is new in research about utilization of methanogen to produce methane and she had done a great work at the poster, Also had presented and given interest in this poster is David Schoderbek (Director of Gas Hydrate at ConocoPhillips), G. Warfield Hobbs IV (AGI President 2012), Sanjay Kumar Ghost (Subsurface lead for CBM at Shell China EP), Alexander Hartwig(Geologist at German Research Centre For Geoscience), Jeffrey Nun (Neal Professor of Geology and Associate Chair at Louisiana State University), the audience sincerely giving the positif comment and feedback about the poster.

Jasmin and Dr. Warwick from USGS

We are the AAPG UGM SC would like to acknowledge sponsorship from: Chevron and BPMigas who sponsored the travel and accomodation; KPC with the coal samples, Kideco for research fellowship, and LPPT UGM as the laboratory sponsor. Also acknowledge support and guidance from AAPG Asia Pacific Region, especially Mrs. Adrienne Pereira, Advisory from Research Advisor Dr. Donatus Hendra Amijaya (UGM), and Faculty Advisor Salahuddin Husein, Ph.D, and hard work of other research team member, Ahmad Zakariya Al Anshori, Sarah Sausan, Didit Putra Kusuma, Gusti Faisal Ismawan, and Mohamad Amin Ahlun Nazar.

We are in AAPG UGM SC have the motto “In AAPG UGM SC We Make Dreams Became Realities”, Congratulations for Jasmin, she made her dreams became reality. Will you make your dream became reality? Be brave, that’s the key

Jasmin with Other Presenters

We are from AAPG UGM-SC would like to say officially thanks for our sponsorhsip to support AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition, Long Beach, USA.

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