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Rest in Peace: Widjajono Partowidagdo April 22, 2012

Posted by ugmsc in Zoom Out.

Indonesian Vice Minister of Mineral and Energy Resources, Widjajono Partowidagdo has taken rest in peace. He was reported getting worse and critical on the way of his Tambora mountaineering, Sumbawa, Nusa Tenggara Barat, on Saturday 21st april 2012 in the afternoon. Widjajono Partowidagdo was a professor in economic and oil/gas development and management of FTTM ITB. He was a management lecturer and oil/gas economic project analysis and energy management of mineral resources and environment in undergraduate program of Petroleum Engineering ITB.

Widjajono Partowidagdo was born in Magelang, 16th September 1951 and gained his S1 degree from Petroleum Engineering study program in 1975. And then, he gained his following degree of M.Sc from the same field in 1980, continued by  M.Sc degree on operation research in 1982, and MA on the economic field in 1986 with his thesis entitled “ An Energy Economy Model for Indonesia” from University of Southern California (USC). His Ph.D title was gained from the same institute in 1987 after accomplishing his dissertation entitled “An Oil and Gas Supply and Economic Model for Indonesia”.

Along his career path, he has ever taken the positions as a head of ITB post graduate study program concerns in development (1993-2004), the chief of the drilling, production, and management of oil and gas team at FITB and FTTM (2005-2007), and became a secretary of professor and lecturer association at ITB Bandung.



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