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Start From the Very Humble Virtue April 3, 2012

Posted by ugmsc in Motivation.

When the dawn came, an old man took a walk on the side of the coast while enjoying the fresh wind blowing through along the coast. He looked out in a distance, there was a boy picking sea animals and threw them back to the water. After getting himself closer to the boy, the man asked to the boy astonishingly: “why do you collect and throw them back to the water?”

The boy answered: because if we let them burned by the sunlight along the whole noon, they could have died,”

“ But the coast is so wide and has a lot of miles in length”, said the man while pointing to the wide sandy coast by his wrinkled finger. “ besides, there are a plenty of other sea animals driven ashore, I doubt whether your deed is meaningful and could change a thing,” he continued hesitantly.

The boy stared at sea animal in his palm without saying a word. And slowly he threw it in to the water that it could be safe and kept living. Then, the boy smiled at him and said, “I have made a change for one thing. One deed, one virtue simply could make a change for your fams, friends, even stranger unknown. I am really sure that my deed has a big meaning at least for this little one.

Moral Message: sometimes, we always feel that we cant do anything like that boy, eventhough that is a very humble virtue, but it makes so many changes for the animal it self. When you give a slight smile for people, even for your fams, friends, or a stranger unknown, you actually have made a different thing for them. A simple deed can make a big difference for the people who need it. Saving the sea animal is an humble action who reveals the truth.



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