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Guest Lecture : ” Image Log Interpretation “ March 13, 2012

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Reservoir ( included oil and gas ) has its characteristics to trap in any geological formations to be found. Due to its location at subsurface, the geophysical of subsurface rock formations ( included : porosity, permeability and fluid content ) is measured by penetrating borehole drilling and then visualisized into a image log to know its characteristics.   As we know, geoscientists and petrophysicsts are demanded being advanced in analyzing data at subsurface of the earth, included : general structural geology, sedimentology sequences,  paleocurrents, reservoir characteristics, etc. So that, data can be integrated with other when it’s available.

In addition, a geoscientist is taking place to interprete the content of rock formation, could be : oil, gas and brine. Moreover, the logging measurement could also be used to determine the recovery being used to prevent the damage of rock formation. In oil and gas industry, the kind of standard log can be used is mudlog. Mud logs usually display formation gas parameter in its record. This parameter needs a significance to measure the difference of various gas manufacture being used in recording gas concentrations.  After recording data by using log measurement in any well, each data is correlated from various wells, so that it can be concluded about hydrocarbon presents, from its quantity and quantify whether it is pontetially drilled or not.

Therefore, to meet of many qualifications as a geoscientist today, we are from AAPG-UGM SC would like to answer your doubt and anxiety by exploring your understanding in providing image log interpretation of subsurface data ( included :  sub-seismic structural information, tectonic structures, and wellbore failures in image log conjuction with other log and subsurface data ) in our march’s courses titled as :

“Image Log Interpretation”

Will be hold on :

Tuesday, 20th March 2012

Started from 02.00 pm – 04.00 pm

At 2.1 Convention Room Geological Engineering Department

Faculty of Engineering, Univesitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.

Available Speaker : Mr. Amudra Prabantara ( Weatherford ).

SPECIAL OFFER : FREE OF CHARGE ! offered facilities : Invaluable knowledge and certificate.

For further information, please contact :

Anarita ( 085725714573 )

Decky ( 0852689432123 )

So, Don’t Miss our special offers !



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