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UGM Participates in AAPG Imperial Barrel Award 2012 Asia Pacific Round March 1, 2012

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Last Wednesday (29/2) was an exciting day for  Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Team, as on 14.30 Western Indonesia time, the team finally presented their 7-weeks hard work upon a dataset of Schangen Block, North Sea, Netherland, in the Asia Pacific round of American Association of Petroleum Geologists’s Imperial Barrel Award (AAPG IBA) 2012. The regional stage of the international basin/prospect competition was held via Teleconference to Singapore where the judging panel, namely Peter Baille (President of AAPG Asia Pacific), Peter Purcell (TGFI Australia), and William Houston (New Zealand Oil and Gas) located. The five Master Students of Geological Engineering UGM –Rahmadi Hidayat, Nurrakhmi Qadaryati, Pritta Ariyani Machmud, Maulana Jati Perdana, Mahesa Sufi—acted as the New Venture group that must convince the judging panel to invest in the Schangen Block via 25-minutes PowerPoint presentation. Rahmadi Hidayat, the team captain remarked that the teleconference was running quite smoothly and that judges commented that they were shocked by the level of analysis the UGM team had presented. It is still far to conclude, though, as there are still many universities from all over Asia Pacific that surely did their best to be selected as the only Asia Pacific representative in IBA finals that will take place in Long Beach, CA, USA during AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) 2012.

Luckily the team has prepared through a series of warming up events, starting with exclusive sharing (21/01) with Wahdanadi (Pertamina EP) and Erawati (Medco) that had experienced being participants in IBA 2008 and 2011. Wahdanadi and team even made their way to IBA Finals in Texas, USA. being the first and only Asia Pacific representative that came from Indonesia. This sharing gave idea to 2012 UGM Team of how IBA competition tasted like. Following the sharing is the public talkshow “Introduction to IBA” by the same speakers, made to raise awareness of the most prestigious basin analysis competition and also to track a potential of the future UGM team members.

Having analyzed the dataset for 3 weeks, a mid-evaluation (28/01) was conducted, inviting Wibisono (Medco), Rovicky Dwi Putrohari (Hess) and Dr. Djarot Setyowiyoto (UGM). Suggestions, especially from the industrial panel, was invaluable for keeping UGM Team in the right track towards final presentation.

To keep out from technical issues, the AAPG Asia Pacific held a teleconference training (23/01) to check the smoothness of each participating universities’ teleconference connections.

A final-presentation evaluation then also conducted on (18/02), inviting Rakhmadi Avianto (Samudera Energy), Roeskamto Soeripto (independent consultant), Murdoko (independent consultant) and Sarju Winardi (UGM) to evaluate the finished work of UGM Team. This event could connect the university “language-of-speaking” with  industrial experts expectations, so that the UGM Team learned how to present effectively and better met industrial world standards—ready to rock the Asia Pasific battle on 28/02.

Team members, though admitted their exhaust of working long hours to deliver the best possible analysis, were claimed of being glad as part of IBA competition. Rahmadi, the captain said, “ actually I am very familiar in basin analysis, but this is the first time I ever deal with European basins that ranged up to Paleozoikum while my daily projects are Indonesian basins which are usually Tertiary or younger. This experience is invaluable for me and I am thankful to be involved in Imperial Barrel Award. ”

Yet all of the preparation and competition processess were possible to be done only because of the kind sponsorship of Hess, a world-leading oil company. As the local committee for UGM Team, we from AAPG UGM Student Chapter would like to express our gratitude for Hess for supporting UGM in this educational competition. Let’s hope for the best for UGM team!

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