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Moticamp AAPG UGM SC 2012 February 29, 2012

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Moticamp, or Motivation Camp, is one of a program, originally come from Membership Division of AAPG UGM SC for internal members. This event was held on 25th-26th February 2012 at Omah Petruk Kaliurang. The atmosphere was so great, and the place was amazing,

no words could express it!

Mr. Salahuddin Husein (our Faculty Advisor) and Didit Putra Kusuma (Ex-President of AAPG UGM SC) also sacrificed their time to attend this event as a special guest, but unfortunately Mr. Salahudin could only attend for the second day because he was so busy anyway. The first session was commenced with sharing session by Didit Putra Kusuma, he shared his experiences along leading the organization so far, bitter and sweet and also the advantages that we could obtain in the future by joining an organization and he also told his experiences to us in participating a grand conference situated in Bali, and we were so enthusiastic to hear it.

Beside sharing session, every divisions of AAPG UGM SC had to perform their inner talent in theme  “Talent Show” session. As the first performer, Membership Division performed a tragic drama show titled “Love is You”. That was kind a ridiculous, yet great!!,,and Afterwards, Fieldtrip and Research Division calmed the situation by performing their acoustic show. Next, Course and Workshop Division showed an adapted Indonesian TV reality Show and mixed with the members true stories. Last, Public Relation Division performed a skillful show, called “An Ultimate Goal of Tsubagya” based on Japanese TV Show. In additional, our President with Vice President, Treasure, and Secretary performed Java Dance that is usually performed at traffic light junction jakal Yogyakarta.

Not only talent show, Moticamp also had another event, called “Special Games”. All members were divided into 4 groups and every groups had to accomplish 8 games in 2 sessions. The games aimed to increase our ability in teamwork, and corporate one another. The last session was closed with sharing session by Mr. Salahuddin husein as a faculty advisor of AAPG UGM SC. He  said that he was so happy and excited to attend this event, because that was the first time for AAPG could make the fun event like this, and  this event had to be sustainably organized again as a routine program for the following President Election or after Member Recruitment test, Could we??




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