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Better to Give “Sincerely” Without Hoping the Feedback February 19, 2012

Posted by ugmsc in Motivation.

There was a middle-aged man owned a farming food shop, but it didn’t run as he hoped. Day by day, he only found the people who visited his shop decreasing. One day, the man caught an idea and made a big decision. He invested a lot of money to afford 1000 chicks. Wow, and his neighbors directly mocked at him when they knew it and thought that he had gone insane. His neighbors said to him, “you never been success making your farming food sold out, now you turned the way to sell the chicks? What the hell were you doing?” and they became really astonished when the man didn’t sell the those chicks. On the contrary, he allotted all the chicks freely to all his farming food customers that came.

“He had totally gone insane!” said his neighbors, his shop would go bankrupt, but he even bought those chicks and allotted them freely. “We could find no any stupid man like him in this world!”  they muttered.

But what happened afterwards? In fact, after he had allotted the chicks freely to the customers, all his customers began to visit his shop again to buy his farming food. And eventually his shop got the heyday.

After figuring it out, in fact the customers who accepted those chicks got back again to his shop. Why so? Definitely, to buy the farming foods for their freely chicks!

Moral message ~ don’t hesitate to “give”, because that is the first step for us to “take”. Unfortunately, there are so many peoples think on the contrary. They assume, “take” is the first, and start thinking to “give” then. This is the simple thing that has a big impact afterwards. There is no farmer getting the harvest without cultivating at first, right? Lets guys, please be modest and generous when we still have a chance to do it! Keep becoming the generous person. Spread the kindness, cares, give and give always, don’t think about the reward you get on your deed. Remember, this life is like an echo. Whatever we give, God willing it will turn back to us. If we spread something good, we will reap the goodness as well.

Better to give sincerely, without hoping the feedback!



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