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Introduction to IBA: The Most Prestigious Basin Analysis Competition In The World February 18, 2012

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On Monday, 23rd January 2012 has been organized such a very stunning and different course on theme IBA (Imperial Barrel Award), wrapped in “Exclusive Course and Sharing” and carried out at sedimentographic laboratory of Geological Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada. On that course, we were providing 2 speakers, they were: Erawati Fitriani Adji (UI Team for IBA 2011), and Mohammad Wahdanadi (Representative of Asia Pasific Region In IBA 2008, in Texas, USA).

Firstly, we planned to welcome three speakers at once, but one was obstacled to come, so we just provided two speakers only, however that was not a big deal for us to make the course ran well. Another obstacle was late, the speakers got 30 minutes late in attending the course, and it fairly made us confused to handle it, but because we are professional so, we could handle it by communicating with the entire of the audiences and making a funny games led by our vice president of AAPG. The condition kind turned in to weird yet great!! Actually the purpose of this exclusive course and sharing was to seek out, look for, auditioning, anyone who have a gut and willingness to be the next dream team for 2013, and through this course we wish that we could get the new team that absolutely could replace the previous team to compete for the following  year.

The first material which was given by the speaker related to basic knowledge as to IBA, Imperial Barrel Award is a worldwide competition held by AAPG every year between different countries all over the world ,each university in the region can participate and represented by only one team. IBA is one in a lifetime, so the team who has ever enrolled this competition is totally banned to participate for twice. The second part which was given by the speaker related to the experiences sharing, the both speakers were really open minded and communicative to share anything and so were the audiences. They communicatively asked to the both speakers about IBA, how to analyze the data set well, and how to serve the data into a good presentation, and the most important question was what needed to become an IBA dream team. The student team has tried to analyze and observe the data from the task given of making a detailed assessment of the petroleum potential within the given area. They are expected to “think outside the box” and look at new exploration models based on the most recent published research and their given education.

After the course ended, continued by exclusive sharing about the speakers’ experiences in facing the competition, and also the audiences were gathered to discuss and ask the ways to win. The speakers also explained about several evaluation methods in IBA it self, they consisted:

  1. Material content
  2. Material mastering
  3. Presentation method

After sharing session, presenter opened door prize giving session, represented by the speaker to pick the most active participant along the course. And the following session was momento giving, represented by our president of AAPG and we didn’t forget to capture this special moment together in a photo session took place outside the room. The course was totally impressive and amazing, we didn’t only look for the next candidates of IBA next year, but also we got the real and super knowledge about IBA directly transferred by the professional.



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