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Visitation of Mr. Geovanni C. Kaeng (Oversight Committee of AAPG Indonesia), February 7, 2012

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Last Friday, January 13th, AAPG UGM SC members had a great chance to meet student chapter affairs coordinator of AAPG Asia-Pacific and also the Oversight Committee of AAPG Indonesia, Mr. Geovanni C. Kaeng. He came to yogyakarta in purpose to do his job and intended to spend few hours with AAPG UGM SC members to have dinner together and shared his experiences and also gave some tips to gain the success.

Mr. Geovani C. Kaeng was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1984. Kaeng joined Halliburton after earning his undergrad degree in Geological Eng. at TRISAKTI University in the same year and has been a Subsurface G&G Technology Consultant with Halliburton Drilling Evaluation and Digital Solution (Landmark) which was based in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2006. His role is to provide consulting services for geoscientists on Landmark’s G&G applications for exploration and field development in the petroleum industry.

Kaeng has participated to be an active member in AAPG Student Chapter since 2002 and was the president of TRISAKTI University Student Chapter of AAPG from 2004-2005. He was currently serving the AAPG Asia Pacific Region as Student Chapter Affairs Coordinator. His focus as a VG is to encourage students about how important of being active in a student organization for their future career in the industry after they graduate is.

On his visit last 13 january 2012 at Yogyakarta, Geovani C. Kaeng shared his experiences along his career in his life. His view quietly inspired to almost all the members of AAPG UGM SC as a students. Some unique things that he shared and the most impressive one was the way he chased the success in both his study and organization that worked on fire simultaneously up to now and the point is  he was really amazing.



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