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IBA 2012 UGM Team Exclusive Meeting February 1, 2012

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On Saturday, 21st January 2012, UGM Team for Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) 2012 Competition had a great chance to meet the two special persons who had experienced that world’s most prestigious competition. They were Muhamad Wahdanadi, a representative of Asia Pacific Region in IBA 2008 Competition, Texas, U.S. and Erawati Fitriyani Adji, one of Universitas Indonesia Team in IBA 2011 competition. This exclusive meeting and sharing was also attended by Dr. Jarot Setyowiyoto and Salahuddin Husein, Ph. D as Faculty Advisor of AAPG UGM-SC, and four members of the team.

The meeting was started with the awesome opening speech by IBA Official Coordinator of UGM Team, Sarah Sausan and continued by introduction of speakers. The experiences brought them to share every important things for all of UGM Team. Also the UGM Team,  led by Rahmadi Hidayat presented the result of working on data set given by IBA Committee, The North Sea. “The data set given was quite complex to analyze”, said Rahmadi. Afterwards, it was continued by discussion between the team and the speakers. There were so many aspects questioned against work progress of the team. They also gave some advises from the work result for the sake of team advancement. Thus, this meeting was purposed on making well preparation of the team in facing IBA 2012 Competition till they become the representative of Asia Pacific Region and grab the victory.

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