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The Stupid Who’s Clever and the Clever Who’s Stupid January 17, 2012

Posted by ugmsc in Motivation.

The stupid ones are trying hard to get a job, and finally they turn in to a businessman
In order to make it real and success, sure they must get the clever
Eventually, the clever’s boss is the stupid

The stupid ones often make mistakes
So, they get the clever who is always right to mend the wrong
Eventually, the stupid summons the clever to fulfill the stupid’s need

The stupid can’t arrange the speech
So, the stupid has it arranged

The stupid seems hard to pass the school of law
Therefore, the stupid commands the clever
To make the stupid’s official law

The stupid is usually talkative and witty
Meanwhile, the clever believes it
But afterward, the clever regrets of trusting the stupid
And the point is, the stupid is over the clever

The stupid thinks quickly to decide a thing
which is considerated hard by the clever
Eventually, the clever becomes the stupid’s staff

As the stupid finds the dead-end way in business
The stupid kicks the clever off from the job
Then the clever does complaining
Eventually, the clever begs to the stupid
In order to get the clever’s job back

On business, the stupid keeps moving on
The clever will run out of the time by working hard sincerely
While the stupid is spending time
To have fun with family

The stupid always tries to figure anything out that can be transformed in to a money
The clever always tries to find out the job vacancy lines on newspaper

Bill Gates (Microsoft), Dell, Henry Ford, Thomas Alfa Edison,
Are some role models who never obtain their bachelor degree, yet they become a billionaire
A thousand clever peoples work for them
And thousands of the clever’s family fate is relying on the stupid
The questions are:
Do we have to choose to be the clever over the stupid?
Who are the cleverest, the stupid or the clever?
Which characters are more excellent one, the clever or the stupid?
which are the most complicated one, the clever or the stupid?

conclusion :
Don’t keep becoming the clever so long
Sooner or later, they will figure out that they have been fooled so far
Just be the stupid who’s clever over the clever who’s stupid
The hints are risk and struggle
Because the stupid always thinks briefly so the stupid always says that the risk is low
And then the stupid tries to make risk totally low
The clever always thinks hard so the clever will say that the risk is high
And the clever will never try to take that high risk
And finally the clever sits under the stupid

Where are you actually at?
Stop bemoaning yourself right now
This is just merely reflection of our life’s dynamics
All the choices and decisions are on your hand to change it

And see what happened
Wherever we are, peoples live in needing one another
Whether the stupid needs the clever,
Or the clever needs the stupid
Life’s equilibrium must present in our society


Adapted from: Mario Teguh

Translated by: Rizky Cahya Putra



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