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Exclusive Course & Sharing : ”Introduction to IBA: The Most Prestigious Basin Analysis In The World” January 16, 2012

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Imperial Barrel Award is a worldwide competition held by AAPG every year between different countries all over the world ,each university in the region can participated by only one team those teams are competitor for first place to represented it’s region.

The Students of an IBA team are to act as a New Ventures Group of an operating oil and gas company. In a selected area, a business opportunity has arisen as the current Operator is prepared to offer an equity stake in the acreage to your company – a process referred to as a farm-out opportunity. In most instances the Operator opens up “a data room” where prospective farm-inees can view the data usually for a few days only.

The student team has been assigned the task of making a detailed assessment of the petroleum potential within the given area. They are expected to “think outside the box” and look at new exploration models based on the most recent published research and their given education.

Today, AAPG-UGM SC has concentrated in joining this awesome competition, we are seeking, auditing, whoever, particularly for master students or undergraduate students who verge on graduate. If any, criteria fulfilled and also the most important thing is having a willing to know as to IBA and having a gut to join this competition, they are in for the next period!

As our commitments as the official teams of IBA, we proudly present:


wrapped in Exclusive Course & Sharing

Will be held on:

Monday, 23rd January 2012

started from 08.30 am – 03.00 pm

at Convention Room 2.1 Geological Engineering Department of Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta,

Faculty of Engineering.

Speakers are available :

  • Fauziah Anggraeni (UI Team for IBA 2011),
  • Erawati Fitriani Adji (UI Team for IBA 2011),
  • Mohamad Wahdanadi (Representative of Asia Pacific Region in IBA 2008, in Texas, USA)

FEE ONLY IDR 10.000, Facilities: Seminar Kit, Snack, Certificate, and Also terrific information and knowledge about IBA.

We are waiting for your participation in IBA 2013 Competition. So, don’t miss it!

Online Registration click here

Contact person:

Anarita : 085725714573

Gloria    : 081934500802

Sarah : 085655579343 (for further information about IBA )



1. Mohamad Amin - January 21, 2012

keren banget!!!

2 Thumbs up 😉
Keep Rockin Guys!! your are the best!!

2. Shandy N - January 27, 2012


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