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Basic Geoscience of Geothermal Exploration December 17, 2011

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            Geothermal is kind of energy that has some advantages to explore. Geothermal is using the heat from the source of magma beneath the earth. The simple system and concept is the water flowing within the area that influenced of the heat. Then the heat vapor will move the turbine. Finally, the electricity current flows.

Geothermal in Indonesia

Indonesia has the potentials of geothermal that shown below.

The area in the circle is the source of non-volcanic geothermal. So, the amount of the area of geothermal in Indonesia is about 276 location. The total of potency is about 29 GW. Some of that places have been exploring and produce 1,200 MW. The number is predicted for Desember 2011 which make Indonesia is the 3rd big of geothermal production in the world.

Classification of Geothermal System

There are 3 classification of geothermal system that distingushed by temperature.

  1. Prospect 1

The system has high temperature (>220°C), dominated with hot water, 2-phase, vapor. The cap rocks formation is volcanic Quarternary (300 – 500,000 years). There are fumarol, boiling springs, strongly altered rocks, mud pool. That makes up-flow zone.

  1. Prospect 2

The system has middle temperature (150 – 220°C). The cap rocks formation is Upper Tertiary (> 500,000 years). It contains 80-90% heat water, boiling spring, weakly altered rocks. This condition makes up-flow and out-flow.

  1. Prospect 3

The system has low temperature (100 – 150°C). The cap rocks formation is Tertiary (million years). It contains 100% heated water, warm springs, hot springs with travertine deposit, and alteration of fossil. It is kind of out flow system.

Other side of Geothermal

Geothermal is not renewable energy but sustainable. It lies on magmatic island arc as shown below.



1. Muhammad Ulil Azmi R - December 20, 2011

i agree because we have more energy for geothermal:)

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