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Geology Paper Contest 2011 December 13, 2011

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Final Presentation of Geology Paper contest were held on 2nd December 2011 and located in Geological Engineering Department of Gadjah Mada University. Generally, the event ran well, commenced at 9 am eventhough took 30 minutes for late. Contestants on rate came at 8.30 am and completed registration at the front desk and followed by collecting presentation slide. Contestants were consisted of Gadjah Mada University, Pembangunan Nasional University “Veteran” Yogyakarta, and Surabaya Institute of Technology which were summed 6 contestants to go, committees had prepared all they needed like pointer, microphone, viewer and competitive judges. Our judges came from various fields like petroleum geo-science, geothermal, and geological science.

At 9.00 am was greeting by MC, Alfredo Di Stefano and Didit Putra Kusuma. They opened the session really good and interactive. Before starting the competition, MC mentioned and read the titles of paper that would be presented, and doing “lucky draw”, to determine the sequence of performance, who would be  the first and the last. Lucky draw went kind a unique, we made the draw with the shells which were filled by a torn piece of paper written a number.

                  Selection Paper for Final Presentation





1 Sangga Rima Roman Selia Application of geostatistics in reservoir 3D modeling  Field x, Rimau Block, South Sumatra Basin. Geological Engineering UGM
2 Septian Prahastudhi, Intan Adriani Putri , Yuda Faisal Yushendri A Comparison : Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity Geophysic ITS
3 Aldis Ramadhan, Zaenal Fanani, Gilang Cempaka The Study of Reservoir Qualities Within Lower Sand of Bekasap Formation Based On Reservoir Geometry and Characterization Identification, Bengkalis Field, Central Sumatra Basin. UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
4 Alfons Igo, Hanif Ibadurrahman, Ahmad Nurjihan Fault Implication to Coal Quality in Tutupan Mining Area, South Kalimantan Based on Calory and Vitrinite Reflectance UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
5 Servianus Bernabas Meta, Vebriany Purnamasari, Ella Purnamasari Environmental influences on the geometry of deposition of coal Kampungbaru formation, Depok area, concession area PT. Etam United Jaya UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
6 Michael Anggi Gilang Angkasa, Lutfi Maulana, Fahmi Aziz, Syahrul, Nurwahid Pradipta Sarjana Flashing Effect To Geothermal Brines Ph In Relation With Overcoming Carbonate Deposition In Piping System UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta
7 Tri Martha KP, Dian Nur A, & M. Qodirin S Modeling of ​​leak cracks the geothermal area Probolinggo using azimuthal resistivity soundings Geophysic ITS

Actually this competition was divided in to 5 sessions, those were first session, coffee break, second session, rest and lunch, and third session with closing at once.

At the first session of presentation, we had one contestant came from ITS Surabaya brought his presentation remarkably and impressive. After finishing presentation, the judges is allowed to evaluate and asked some questions which had something to do with the material given. Generally the first session ran well. We had a coffee break afterward, and all contestants were asked to interact and communicate one another in order to get warm relation in the middle of competition. Committees also mingled with the contestant in order to blend each other and created the warm relation.

After the coffee break session ended, the next session was continued with the following contestants according to the lucky draw. Until the end of second session, everything ran well and continued by break, lunch and pray till 1 pm. Along the lunch the committees tried to be interactive with all contestant and tried to make a friendship, they all really welcomed. Finally we reached the last session of this event and performed the last presenter. The judges seemed confused to determine the best one. All the contestants had given their power to perform and tried to mesmerize the judges and committee with the outstanding performance they gave.

Before MC closed the event, they announced that, there would be a special event for paper contest contestants to take a stroll around Yogyakarta and it was free. They were all enthusiastic and agreed to join. But the committee didn’t announce the winner at the time, but committee would announce it on the following day coincided with national seminar and geo-mapping competition.

After getting through the tight discussion among the judges, eventually the judges voted the 2 best papers and 1 best presenter, they 3 awesome were:

  • 1st place was Sangga Rima Roman Selia from UGM
  • 2nd place was Septian Prahastudhi, Intan Adriani Putri and  Yuda Faisal Yushendri from ITS Surabaya
  • Best Presenter was Hanif Ibadurrahman From UPN Veteran Yogyakarta

So many huge congratulations and success we could release for you guys, AAPG and UGM were proud of you !!



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