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AAPG UGM & UPN Student Chapter, Fieldtrip: “The Dynamic of Mahakam Delta East Kalimantan” November 22, 2011

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As many 15 representative of students from AAPG UGM SC altogether with other 15 representative of students from AAPG UPN SC left for Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan on 12-16 November 2011 to participate this fieldtrip on titled “The Dynamic of Mahakam Delta”. This fieldtrip was sponsored by Chevron, Vico, and Total and led away by recognizable consultant company names GDA (Geosain Delta Andalan). Director of GDA, Mr Andang Bachtiar which was also as an ex-elected president of IAGI directly took the point to guide the participants in this fieldtrip.

            On the first day, the participants  landed on Balikpapan and stayed in Mitra Amanah  hotel. The following day, the participants prepared theirselves to reach Samarinda in visiting Vico Istalation which was located in Badak. Vico’s warm welcome was overwhelming for them, and they were asked to see Vico’s facilities included oil and gas pipe net, blending spot, rig, and control room.

            The fieldtrip it self took 2 days in activities (14-15 November 2011). On the first day took place at Mahakam Delta. The participants were given 3 speedboats, which were two of them sponsored by Total.  Dr. Andang Bachtiar guided the participants in visiting 4 stop sites. On the first stop site located at channel spot, summoned to take the sample from the base of Delta in the various of depth, started from point bar until thalweg. It revealed the uncommon fact  that  deposits on thalweg which is usually noted as a high leveled energy contained abundant of clay. In fact it could be revealed by huljstrom diagram. On the second stop site, the participants were shown the condition of the river in deep by profiling with echosounder and matched with the sample taken. On the following stop site, the participants were asked to step on the fresh mid channel bar of Delta part to do observation on sedimentary structures and textures. Remained the same as the last following stop site on Delta front,  the participants were summoned to think logically and compared the observable texture and structure with the mechanism of Mahakam Delta forming. On the evening, GDA Team gave the brief course in jayakarta hotel to review the material which is given.

            “The present is the key to the past”, due to this statement, on the first day the participants were asked to study and learn more about depositional condition of modern Delta. And the following day they went around to observe the outcrops of ancient Delta to train logical interpretation of geology. The visiting sites were limestone in Batuputih, perjuangan quarry, Balikpapan-Samarinda wayside outcrop, and also oil seep at Pertamina Residence. In the night, the participants took a rest and spent the rest moment at Zurich Hotel while waiting for the flight schedule tomorrow at 13.00 pm.

            Abundant of  knowledges and experiences that they obtained along the fieldtrip. But the most important thing was that as a geologist “The present is the key to the past” had to be indeed implemented. As a geologist we have to learn from nature today to learn about the process occurred on it . Do not only trust and rely on the book, just understand from the nature as well. Mr andang also supports the students to be active in writing paper and participate in scientific research particularly in sedimentary process in tropical area which is very different with four season area  where most of the text book came from.



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