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UGM Student Chapter Proudly Annouce Participation in IBA 2012 November 20, 2011

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IBA (Imperial Barrel Award) is the AAPG’s  prestigious petroleum competition for Master students  that prized 20,000 USD for the first winner.

It is about basin/prospect analysis which modelled out as a New Ventures group that analyze a farming-out dataset of a company’s basin to have a conclusion about its economical prospects.

The competition battles teams from universities around the world, each consists 4-5 members. The first round is the Region/Section round in which ours would be Asia Pacific Round. Succeeding as number 1 in this stage would fly team to USA for the Finals that takes place in Long Beach, CA, USA  this year in AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, April 2012.

UGM Team make its first comeback in IBA 2012 after the lattest join in 2003 with distiguished, high quality team members ready to rock the barrel: Rahmadi Hidayat. Maulana Jati Perdana, Pritta Ariyani (Master of Geological Eng.), Resky Yustiawan, and Gizal Andika Dharmawan (Final Year Undergradute of Geological Eng).

The Furious Five, citing the legendary team in Kung Fu Panda movie, was selected after two rounds of elimination designed by the IBA 2012 UGM Team official, which consists of Sarah Sausan (coordinator), Rizky Cahya Putra, A. Zakariya Al Anshori, M. Rizky Asy’ari, Budi Santoso and recently joining Ardy Ramadhan and Shandy Nandya R. All are active members of AAPG UGM Student Chapter.

The first stage of selection is online CV submission. About 15 candidates were then invited to the Interview stage. Interviewers are Rahmadi Hidayat as the senior and head of UGM Team, Mr. Salahuddin Husein, Ph.D as Faculty Advisor, Mr. Djarot, Ph.D as the Petroleum expert, and Didit Putra Kusuma as President of  AAPG UGM SC.

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After a debate among judges, especially on the geophysicists position, finally we proudly compose the UGM Team as mentioned above. The first gathering of the team takes place in 3.1 meeting room of Geological Eng. Dept. that was also a coordination meeting, attended by full team members, IBA UGM Team officials, and Mr. Salahuddin Husein Ph.D as faculty advisor.

We hope that the UGM Team can give the best of shot in this awesome petroleum “warfare”. GO GO UGM TEAM!

Sarah Sausan



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