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Petroleum System, Exploration History, and Future Exploration Potential in Indonesia November 20, 2011

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Indonesia had a lot of oil potential. Basically, oil exploitation divided into two stages, exploration and production stages. Each stage are estimated at least would takes 15 years for its exploration stage (well seismic, well appraisal) and production stage (well development)

Today the world oil production and geothermal trends are unique. East country are more likely to produce geothermal energy while the west has a tendency to oil energy, this is because of various factors like technology advance , human resources,  and government.  For example technology advance could helps petroleum company to increase and maximalize oil production, because there are so many inovation that could improve the way to drill an oil as time go on.

There are some challenges that east countries face in increasing oil production, it is because they have a lack of geological data, deeper water, lack of technologies, prone gas and unexplored region of oil exploration.

So, petroleum is the fundamental things that make the effects for the human. It has been the long time to make Petroleum developed. As human, we always make the changes and the technology to make the Petroleum count. Indonesia has many sources of petroleum.



As we know that geologist always explore and exploitate the region at the west part of Indonesia, and it is make many geologist have a lack experience in exploring oil at the east part of Indonesia, forest could be one of the factors that make us should think more to exploit there. Geologist should have a lot of attention in making a new suitable way in order to exploit more the east part of Indonesia, because there is already too much oil and gas company have been build at the west part of Indonesia.

Team work is needed to make all of our works count and better. It has many advantages if we can cooperate one to another. It will decrease the cost to explore the oil and gas, the cost to pay the machine, and etc. So, in one company, team work and cooperations are needed.



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