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MAHAKAM DELTA September 29, 2011

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Our next event is Fieldtrip “Mahakam Delta”  Sponsored by Chevron and VICO Indonesia at 12th – 15th November 2011, and this article about Mahakam Delta:

Mahakam Delta is an area which consists of several small islands caused by deposits at mahakam river’s downstream relates to Makassar strait, at east Kalimantan. The Mahakam Delta is an active delta system which has formed in humid tropical environment under condition of relatively high tides, low wave-energy, and large fluvial input. Tidal processes control the sediment distribution patterns in the deltamouth and are responsible for the flaring estuarine-type inlets and numerous tidal flats. If it is observed from the aerial space, the delta’s area resembles like a fan, with thereabout 150.000 ha in width( includes marine area). We just get thereabout 100.000 ha in width for plain only though.

Administratively, Mahakam delta is in Kutai Kartanegara regency, sharply at Anggana sub-district, Muara Jawa, and Sanga-Sanga. As we know, Mahakam delta is very famous for its richness of natural resources, particularly oil and gas. According to the reference, the biggest reservoir is situated at Peciko and Tunu field which is taken over by multinational oil and gas company from France and Total E&P Indonesie now.

The Mahakam delta exhibits a symmetrical fan-shaped morphology typical of fluvial-dominated deltas accumulating in shallow water. The delta plain is densely vegetated and incised by fluvial distributaries and tidal channels. The fluvial distributaries are rectilinear and bifurcate seaward from the Mahakam river. They are groped into a northern system and a southern distributary exhibition system while the central part of the delta forms a tide-dominant inter-distributary zone characterized by sinuous, estuarine -like tidal channels (Allen & Mercier, 1994)

The Mahakam delta is a mixed, fluvial and wave dominated delta located in the eastern part of the island of Borneo (the East Kalimantan province of Indonesia). The distribution of benthic fauna in this delta system is influenced by the combined or antagonistic action of three main parameters: fluvial input of fresh water and sediment, tide, and a strong regional north to south drift current. The general morphology of the delta can be divided into three radially concentric systems: the delta plain, delta front, and prodelta.

            In its growth, Mahakam Delta Area is mostly used for various activities to survive in live. The development of Mahakam Delta Area is for residences, oil and gas industrial area, and natural resources potential use, mineral resources potential use, petroleum and mangrove area as well. The research as to quarter deposits in Delta plain is very important to do to know the physical character of its deposits and implementation in any fields. The research through geophysical and geological method in Mahakam Delta area and Berau is very important to recoqnize the growth direction of Delta’s deposits, and on the other hand to know the mineral resources in that area. The potential mineral resources are gold, and other mining material concentrated to the off-shore of Mahakam Delta and berau.  The metallic mines exploration in this area generally concentrates in Kalimantan plain. Beside that, toward off-shore area tends to do oil and gas drilling taken away by private company. Several wells of oil and gas drilling have been produced. Remains the same with Berau Delta Marine, exploration is generally carried out in Kalimantan plain, however on the off-shore of Berau river’s downstream hasn’t been carried out oil and gas drilling activity like we find in Mahakam Delta Marine.

            Despite the fact that exploration in the Mahakam Delta started more than 40 years ago, with large discoveries made in the mid-1970s, plans are being considers to develop and redevelop several gas fields of the area and Total is the operator of the Mahakam Production Sharing Contract, with Inpex of Japan as partners, each with a 50 percent interest.

References : C. Duval Bernard, 2011, Creative Thinking Led to Mahakam Success, AAPG EXPLORER.

Mahakam River and Delta, Wikipedia.com (the free encyclopedia).



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