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A Long Journey to Meet Mr.Paul Weimer September 26, 2011

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Unforgetable moment with our President of AAPG

                 AAPG UGM SC sent their delegates to meet AAPG President, Mr.Paul Weimer at at AAPG “Sepuluh November” Institute of Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia, they were Mohammad Amin Ahlun N (Vice President of AAPG UGM SC), Sarah Sausan (Secretary II), Yusuf Amien Yafie, Ardhy Ramadhan, Ganjar Asandi (Membership Division), Decki Azwar Hadi (Course and Workshop Division), and Shandy Nandya R (Public Relation Division). They left Yogyakarta on Sunday, September 11 at 07.00 pm and  arrived Surabaya on Monday, September 12, at 04.30 am.

                In his Course, Mr.Paul Weimer explained about seismic interpretation and how to find a gas or oil field trough seismic interpretation. He also told about unconventional shale gas in the USA like Bakken, Eagleford, and etc. What about Indonesia? Our country has a good prospectl in this case. With technology, it’s possible to get a new hydrocarbon sourcea, not only conventional, but also unconventional. Not only about oil and gas, Mr.Paul Weimer told us about the member of AAPG today. In EXPLORER, Mr.Paul Weimer said that one of the most critical challenges is cogently shown in the graph of AAPG membership by age. The entral peak, ages 51 to 56,where he reside. The peak to the left, ages 21-30, is in the second rank.

Photo with Mr.President

Brief Profile of

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

American Association of Petroleum Geologist has been recognized as the world’s largest professional geological society and has been established since 93 years ago. Its influence covers the globe in six International region: Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, along with six Sections inside United States itself.

The organization consists three kinds of membership that accomodates both professionals and students. Furthermore, AAPG also contains three different divisions with their own special interests:  Division of Professional Affairs, which focuses upon professionality as geologists; Energy Minerals Division that targets energy and mineral exploration and exploitation; and Division of Environmental Geosciences that aims to aplicate higher environmental standards in geology-related activities.

All of the Association’s activities is monitored from the main headquarter in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and directed by the President of AAPG, Prof. Paul Wilmer. This year, he plans to visit students chapters in Indonesia, one of the most active countries in AAPG. In his visit, he will give a distinguised lecture in which theme is still classified to add more excitement to the event.


Prof. Paul Weimer, President of AAPG



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