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Former AAPG Asia Pacific Web Editor Nominate for Indonesian Association of Geologsist’s President September 22, 2011

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Rovicky Dwi Putrohari, who is recoqnizable as an author of “Dongeng Geologi” (http://rovicky.wordpress.com), and the former of AAPG Asia Pacific web Editor and he is  promoted to be President of Indonesia Association of Geologists (IAGI). IAGI is the biggest geologist association in Indonesia with 4200 members.

Being part of IAGI member is useful and Fun!


He graduated from Geological Engineering Department Gadjah Mada University, at 1987 and gained his master degree from University of Indonesia at 1998. Rovicky also had many guest lectures in Geological Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University. Almost all of his lecture introduced “creative Geologist” thinking skill also gave  new and fresh idea for students. In the SEAPEX-AAPG National Student Leadership Conference Yogyakarta, Rovicky was a keynote speaker for the conference, he introduced about how bright the future of the student in Indonesian oil and gas Industry was.

His career in IAGI is started as a web editor and then regularly being part of the IAGI team for Indonesian Senate’s public hearing. IAGI political movement in Indonesia became the lead for many Indonesian decision maker.

IAGI Young Geo-scientist Forum, is the one of his main mission for IAGI. This forum introduces to make IAGI become more powerful by the times going.

Natural Resource Accounting, as Indonesia has limited natural resources, it is important to make sure its sustainability. This program will develop system to identify market price, and can mesmerize investor to invest and to make a better plan.

Another program and his complete profile can be downloaded here.

How To Choose Him for President?

First of all, you must register to a member of IAGI,

Afterward, please send email to iagisek@iagi.or.id (for member located in Indonesia) or iagisek@cbn.net.id (for overseas member) and request the election card. Don’t forget to mention your Full name, Mail address, Phone number, Member Number, and your company/affiliated institution.

After you get the election card, scan it and send back to iagisek@iagi.or.id (for member located in Indonesia) or iagisek@cbn.net.id (for overseas member) or you can bring your card to IAGI-HAGI Joint conference and Exhibition Makassar, September 27-29, 2011 and put it in the election box.

Choose your IAGI president, for a better future.




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