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American Association of Petroleum Geologists UGM-SC Outstanding International Student Chapter 2011 April 13, 2011

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"In AAPG UGM SC, We Make Dreams Become Realities"

Special thanks for Ludi Sativa President of AAPG UGM-SC 2010
Thank you to all members who have worked hard and form the character of a team.

“HOUSTON, April 12, 2011—Schlumberger announced today it has awarded two $1,000 scholarships to two universities selected as the 2011 American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ (AAPG) Outstanding Student Chapters.

San Diego State University in California was honored among United States-based chapters, and the Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia was recognized as the outstanding international chapter.

Terry Woods, North America sales and marketing manager, Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services, presented the awards to the two outstanding student chapters during a ceremony Monday evening at the AAPG Annual Conference and Exhibition. “This is our fourteenth year to support the student chapter award, which was developed to encourage students to take an active role in AAPG student initiatives,” said Woods. “Involvement with AAPG is an important component in the educational progress of geology students as they prepare to join our industry.”

The AAPG student chapter at San Diego State University focused on technical growth, career development, and social opportunities by participating in various activities throughout the academic year. These activities included a field trip, a community outreach event and participation in short seminars by oil and gas industry leaders.

The Gadjah Mada University AAPG student chapter participated in multiple distinguished lecture series presented by academic and oil and gas experts, short courses and field trips.

The Student Chapter Program of AAPG is made up of collegiate groups of geoscience students and one of the world’s foremost co-educational programs within the geoscience sector with more than 145 chapters. It provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives. “

(taken from Schlumberger’s official website:

http://www.slb.com/news/press_releases/2011/2011_0412_aapg_pr.aspx )



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