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6th SEAPEX-AAPG Leadership Conference March 5, 2011

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Leadership Conference

On February 3 – 6, 2011, Indonesia Student Chapter of AAPG held 6th SEAPEX-AAPG Leadership Conference “Improving and Managing the Student Leadership Characters in Facing the Challenges in Petroleum Industry”, this conference was fully suported by SEAPEX and organized by Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter and Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Student Chapter. This conference offers  diferent concepts than its previous, it held 4 day with carbonate fieldtrip, geoscience day, traditional dance, poster competition and many other unique activity. The topic of conference mainly divided into leadership, geoscience, future technology and developing self potential. Many profesional attend this conference to give speech and lecture, they are Mr. Alit Ascaria (Talisman) as the fieldtrip leader and carbonate lecture, Rovicky Dwi P (HESS) who give lecture about the future about Indonesian Oil Industry, Mr. Wartono Rahardjo who give lecture about regional of our fieldtrip area (Southern Mountain), Mr. Jeremy Dyer (SEAPEX) who provide a lecture about leadership and his experiences and of course Mr. Darmawan Samsu who give brainstorming and motivation how to became good leader in indonesian oil industry.

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On the third night participant celebrating 10th years of AAPG UGM SC and sharing from Mr. Geovani about Chuck Caughey, the first steering comitee of Indonesia Student Chapter, in that night Mr. Geovani really provide a good speech to inspire all participant. In this event, Indonesia Student Chapter of AAPG Introduce “Darmawan Samsu Award” for student who provide good leadership action during the event, this year Mohamad Amin Ahlun Nazzar (VP of AAPG Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter) and Putu Ayu Saraswati (VP of Brawijaya University Student Chapter) acquinted the award. On the poster competition, UNHAS team which focus about deep water exploration with team leader Ermawati won the 1st place, Universitas Gadjah Mada with theme Enhanced Coal Bed Methane won the 2nd Place, and Universitas Indonesia in the 3rd place. “It’s really a Fascinating Event” said all of Indonesia Student Chapter representation. Let’s all thanks to Mr. Geovani, Mr. Fritz and Mr. Edo who provides support, motivation and integrity for AAPG Indonesia Student Chapters, without them, this event can’t be the same.


More on http://seapexaapg2011.weebly.com/



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