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Motivation: 6 Tips to be an Optimistic Person February 28, 2011

Posted by ugmsc in Motivation.

Become an optimistic person is very difficult. We admit that it is hard to do, let alone when we face a failure. So, what should we have done to become an optimistic person and to make an optimism remains in our self ? Are you curious? So keep reading!

1st = Maximize success and lessen the failure

The first key to become an optimistic person is how to maximize your success and lessen your failure. If we always try to do our best and maximize our efforts, God willing and the failure will never come to us!

It means, the failure vanished at all !

2nd = Know our weakness point & keep focus to our strength point

It’s much better for us to admit our weakness point but we must keep focus to our strength point. Everyone wants to be delivered as a perfect one without minus. But we must realize that as a human, we surely have a minus which escort our success and failure. However we must deal with it, otherwise we just become a looser !

3rd = Experience is the best teacher => failure is one step closer to the real success

When we experience a failure, remember that any lesson which you take and it makes you one step closer to your real success!!! Most of the success ones, when they face the failure, they keep quiet. It doesn’t mean they are desperate, but they think to look for the way out to deal with the failure. But, the best way is how to convince our self that the failure won’t immerse our self, because one thing that we’ve got is we have ever felt the failure and it is really unnice. So, do your best in order to make the failure won’t approach us anymore !

4th = Motivation proverbs. . . . .it really works !

Just say your motivation proverb everyday which you’ve recognized it well. It really helps motivating you, let alone when you are in failure. Just try it guys !!

5th = No stay focus on negatives but on positives

Don’t stay focus on negatives but on positives ! We don’t need to suppose that negative thing will come close to us. If you want to feel that, later on, you will become a pessimistic person and actually it is more difficult than become an optimistic person. You don’t believe it  ? just compare !

6th =Our success is determined by chance, and our chance is unlimited

Always remember and believe that you have abundant and unlimited chances to seize your success in the future, so don’t give up of a failure because we still have more thousands chances to defeat the failure. !

We agree, that it is not as easy as it says. To do all those tips is really hard, but we must deal and trust that success isn’t only coming from the luck and strives, but also optimism plays an important role in heading to our success.

And don’t forget ! ! pray and surrender to God are above all….thank you and good luck.

(Rizky Cahya Putra)



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