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Member Recruitment 2010 September 29, 2010

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“Train The Next Leader”*


Start on September 2010

Join us and make yourself Leader in This World!!

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AAPG UGM-SC Member Recruitment is an annual event of AAPG UGM-SC. With tagline “Train the New Leader”, this event offers a chance for Geology and Geophysics students of 2009 and 2010 to join AAPG UGM SC. This event divided into 3 selection step.

First, interview step. In this interview step, participants would be interviewed by AAPG UGM-SC members based on their CV and paper. The interviewers divided into 5 parts; Fieldtrip and Research, Course and Workshop, Public Relation, Membership, and Executive Commitee. Each part gave different questions in accordance with their division and member qualifications.

Second, presentation step. Participants scrambled and separated into 7 groups and each group would be presented a selected theme from AAPG UGM-SC members. In this step, AAPG UGM-SC members could see participant’s interest. Some participants would be eliminated after this stage.

Third, course step. The selected participants divided into 2 teams that must be made a course.



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