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Glance From AAPG Leadership Conference September 23, 2010

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Student Chapter Leadership Summit

DAY 1st

Introduction and Why you are here. What we need from you?

Place : AAPG HQ 5th Floor and Boulder Towers

The Student Leadership Days was started after lunch. We went to the AAPG’s Headquarter office and Mike Mlynek gave a brief introduction about what we could expect the following days, including an overview of the program.

Spectrum TrainingTemperament Model

Place : Boulder Towers

The day was continued by joining the “Spectrum Training” from by  Dr. Marla Sanchez. With a doctorate in psychology and career as a marriage counsellor, Dr. Sanchez also offered professional Spectrum Development. In this time, we were trying to explore what the real character of us. This session was sponsored by Anadarko all the students came out of that session more understanding of others.

Student Leadership Summit

Day 2nd

Tell Us About Your Chapter

Place : Pine Room, Post Oak Lodge

We learned about the other Student Chapter from their own presentation by their  SC representatives. Each representative had about of 5-10 minutes to presented their Student Chapter. The Student Chapter ( i.e. Colorado School of Mines, University of Utah, University of Diponegoro, University of Gadjah MadaSan Diego State, UniversityGent University, University of Manchester, University of Calgary and California State University, Fresno) highlighted their strengths and weaknesses with regard to both organization and activities. Not only gave a presentation from each Student Chapter but we also had an open discussion to share about our own Chapter’s weaknesses and strength.

Dicussion 1 – Imperial Barrel Award

Place : Pine Room, Post Oak Lodge

There was a quick discussion on the update on student chapter bylaws.  The biggest change was there will no longer be a refund for student chapters, $1 per a member.  Since Chevron pays for student members, there is no reason to give a refund.  The complete bylaws for student chapters can be viewed at http://students.aapg.org/bylaws.pdf. Last updated June 16, 2010.

Dicussion 2 – Student Chapter Fundraising

Place : Pine Room, Post Oak Lodge

We discussed many different ways to raise money for student chapters. After we had a discussion session, the ideas to get SC fundraising are :

  • Alumni events, e.g. an Alumni Golf Tournament
  • Sponsoring from the University Alumni Association
  • Merchandise sales, shirts, hats, etc…
  • Chapter dues, e.g. 10 dollars per year.
  • Austin Weeks Grant
  • Company grants: ask the companies operation division as well as the charity division for sponsoring.
  • University money
  • Students wanting to attend ACE must work at least 10 hours in the AAPG Bookstore to have their hotel and transportation paid for.
  • Local geological societies
  • Sell Iphone apps
  • Sell rock hammers and hand lenses to geology students
  • Have an industry professional donate time to  teach an IBA short course and charge grad-students 10 dollars to attend.
  • Organize a job-fair and let the companies pay for their booth
  • Invite alumni students to attend field trips or other activities for a higher fee.

Student Focus Industry Panel Discussion

Place : Post Oak Lodge

In this sessioan, the students and the young professional were being gathered to heard the sharing experience from Rusty Riese, Alfredo Guzman, Kay Pitts, and David Lange, a group with experience as technical advisors, industry lobbyists, exploration managers amongst other roles. The industry panel were designed to provide the students with guidance in their transition to young professional and young professional to active. They suggested to the students and YPs that we must to develop the skills which are included the ability to work competently in a multidisciplinary team, soft skills of personal interaction, managerial skills and skills to make small groups and meetings productive. To develop those skills we need to active in organization, professional association or other extracurricular activities. The other important thing is network. By building a good network it would help to shaped our career.

Day 3rd

General Session – “The Power of Influences”

Post Oak Lodge

This session was given by Andrew L. Urich, J. D., about how important to influences other person around us.. He gave us some  success advices. There were 5 keys to influences which could be a strategy for success :

  1. Overcome communication blockers (First, get them to listen)
  2. Look for win / win opportunities (manage self interest)
  3. Become a persusasive messenger (Be likeable and look the part)
  4. Don’t create conflict and confrontations (Make them feel good about you)
  5. Get control of information and misinformation (It’s not all about the facts. But facts are important)

The session was attractive. Everyone was enjoying this session.

Focus Group – Group C “Student Activities and Planning”

Place : Evergreen Room, Post Oak Lodge

There was a brief discussion about the Student Chapter’s Activities and Planning to the future. The aim of this session were how increasing the membership and how The Student Chapter develop their own Chapter.  Some conclusions from the discussion are :

1. Member retention / advancement

  • SC liaison keeping track of student after graduation

2. Communication

  • More SC leadership conferences
  • Petroleum Exploration podcasts
  • Regular emails of events to SC
  • Seminar on controversial issues

3. Website

  • Each month update
  • Link to SC’s website
  • Calendar of activity
  • Search box
  • Map showing location of SC

Focus Group – Group F “Young Professional Development”

Place : Evergreen Room, Post Oak Lodge

After lunch, the students and young professional joined the “Young Professional Development”.  The aim of this session was how to preparing the young professional to be active member. Some conclusions we got were :

  1. YP’s monitoring SC and keep contact with graduates
  2. Student becoming YP ; sense of intrinsic “Feel wanted and needed”
  3. Students and YPs are investment ! – become proactive and personal
  4. Giving the active YP awarded to encouraging and motivating


Cheerss.. 🙂



1. Cindy Dhevayani Savitri - September 23, 2010

Semoga bisa bermanfaat..

Semangat terus SC UGM dan SC Indonesia 🙂

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